About Jeremy

We are the skeletons. 

There is an idea that if you visually simplify a subject in art it "strips away the excess baggage; an artist can amplify its meaning." In the case of my work, I strip away excess identity until I end up with the core humanity that is emphasized. It makes it easier to identify with and empathize with the experiences of the figures.

Bio: Jeremy Rathbone is a Sacramento artist, best known on the comic convention circuit for his science fiction pieces, many of which were painted live on the show floor. His "Zombots," "Robovikings," and scifi paintings and illustrations have been shown at many public events, publications, and gallery exhibitions. After the passing of his wife in 2017, he put his brush down for what he had thought and intended to be for good. Today, Jeremy's trauma-informed pieces combine the arcane symbols of life and death with the mysteries of infinite space to both express and confront his feelings of grief and his need to connect with life.



Artist's Statement: I'm a painter, and my current body of work delves into my state of being. I primarily engage with emotions and the needs we must answer as humans to become the best version of ourselves possible.